Happy Holidays 2021

Initiative with goal to increase awareness of our mobile application and it’s features.

Leave permanent happy-wishes for entire world on the Peercoin blockchain. As part of general festivities at the end of 2021. Messages can be in any language.

Messages must be sent to designated P2TH, to allow for scraping, and output can of course be zero. Message will get into OP_RETURN of course.

Optionally we can say that best wish will get some prize IDK.

  1. invent a P2TH for this
  2. use all our channels to get this initiative some traction.
  3. make a small webapp which just fetches everything from the P2TH and displays it nicely. We can have some cool domain like happyholidays2021.peercoin.net for it.

@Sentinelrv @Nagalim @willy

Thoughts on censorship? E.g. n-word.

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Nah, let them show their true faces. Lol.

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How about something more interesting, like commands to place a decoration on a tree or something. Like a twitch plays pokemon kind of thing. ‘Happy Holidays! ;ro63’ means don’t show the ‘;’ stuff, but do place a red ornament at slot 63.

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Sir, I want to make it implementable in 2h.

Sure, this is for happy holidays 2.0 next year.

In discord, selfwithin mentioned a discord bot that reads Metadata on foundation donations. We can tie that in here, use the foundation addr as the p2th. That way, adding some small donation is like implied. Maybe have higher donations appear first in the list.


peercoin.holiday is in the making.


Simply send 0 PPC is wrong. Min amount is set to 0.01 ppc excl fee

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No, you can send zero value outputs. It’s valid in peercoin protocol. P2TH is revolving around that concept.


0.7.3 of peercoin_flutter will support it

thats what i said, the app does not allow it yet. thank you

0.7.3 is on prod and peercoin.holiday is ready


I think is a bad idea to write this messages in blockchain.
Why to enlarge the blockchain size?

It’s just for fun and helps advertise the mobile app. A few messages isn’t going to hurt anything.

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Using chain like this is fair in peercoin as data has deterministic cost. Spam is still deterred as it costs to push data onto chain.

Besides, OP_RETURN data is made to be easily prunable.

This is awsome! As soon as I saw the email I hopped on & sent holiday wishes from Puerto Rico / Borinquen.

I agree that its a fun way to promote the app as well as demonstrate a solid usecase.

Anything over 0 PPC goes to the Peercoin Foundation correct?

Keep up the solid work! :clap:

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It would go to the mobile developer, Willy.


Right on, well I hope he gets many donations, the app continues to evolve nicely.

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Just to clarify: Chemist has the private key for this address as well and I don’t intend to keep the coins sent to this address.
Personal donations to me can be made to the address in the footer.