Guide to dealing with spammers

In order to quickly remove the posts and block the spammer account please follow this guide.

First you will need to “Block” the user.

Click the user to see their profile, under the actions tab you will see option to ban user. Click this

Now you set the ban rules. Here please just ban on username and email address. The IP and hostname usually are Tor exit nodes and i we need to keep them open (Sunny king uses them). The settings should be set as default to ban just username and email so click save to add the rule.

Now you need to delete the posts.

Back on the user profile page under the actions tab again click the option the delete account. select this option and you are taken to the delete account and posts section. Here you are PERMANENTLY taking actions that can not be undone so please make sure you are on the correct account.

Now you need to select from the drop down menu that you want to “Delete all Topics and Posts”. You do not necessarily need to tick the box delete account as well as I use this to see how many users got through to spam on the forum but don’t worry if you do.

And that is it :slight_smile: any problems PM me