Great Forum.nice to see you guys here

This place is my home now,would like to make some friends here.

Hello ViodayBitty and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Hey FuzzyBear, do I have to post a certain number of replies before I can post a new topic?

lol.!support u!

hello, welcome to the forum.

Hi i am also new here.

Hi ViodayBitty. i hope to make this forum my own as well

hey im new to, any help to get started with mining ?


New to peercoin talk as well and definately getting some peercoins sooon.

Welcome, enlightenedcode, glad to have you here

Hi, Im a newbie as well, but after looking through lots of articles I found this one:

Gave me a quick quide on how to start mining. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I’m also new here. Hi Everyone!

how do I even post a message in this forum? there is no ‘new topic’ button

same question?

Same here too please? :S

Glad to be here as well, looking forward to speaking more about future project development and the economics around PPC / XPM

I still can’t create a new topic? :o

Should I wait to buy peercoins?

Will the price go down to 1 dollar again?

great to see the info in this site. but cant find like hardware stuff for minting.