GPU miner for sale...Scam?And if no

So i see this

What do you think? Also if it is legit what would this mean for primecoin?

Yes, the numbers do not even make sense.

If the guy were smart, he would distribute the miner binary only with a 10% fee which is charged in the code.

Despite the fact this offer is probably a scam I think, there might be algorithm more than 10 times faster on GPU.

Care to share any details on this?

More likely someone in the Ukraine made their own ASIC in their home kitchen.

Apparently the first bitcoin ASIC was created by a Ukrainian in their own kitchen using household solvents and with the knowledge of some cheap chip design books.

Great story nevertheless.

Scam! Read a few pages and they’ll pretty much all read the same.

You could try reaper, I only know of one guide, but even the guy who wrote that told me he never got anything (another scam).