Gox Update

"Eiden, Dec 13 09:09 (JST):

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for the email. Sorry for the delay in responding. Trade Engine Midas Our new trading engine is finished and soon to be deployed after a couple of hardware updates. Code-named “Midas”, we’re currently bench-testing the engine at over 500,000 trades per second, but Midas is capable of much more than that. We’re really looking forward to showing you what it can do, and are pretty certain you’ll love it too. We have plans to add another crypto currencies, but there is no ETA for that we will keep you posted in our website.

Best regards,

Mt.Gox Team

[Attention: Please protect your account using OTP to ensure that your funds are safe and secure. Failing to do so makes your information vulnerable to hackers.
Please visit https://mtgox.com/security]

Peter Manglaviti, Nov 30 23:45 (JST):

Thank you for the update. Looking forward to hearing about Midas and
if/when you’re adding Peercoin (PPC)."

Thank you for your mail. We really appreciate you business with us and like to thank you for your valuable suggestion.

Our developer has advised that there are plans to implement other crypto-currencies in the future; however none of these are currently confirmed.

We’ll do an official announce a bit later once we’re done with testing.

This the email I got about a week ago. If I had to guess their new engine will add LTC, PPC, NMC at least. Can’t wait.

Gox is the link to be added to Coinbase… that’s the connection I want.

Who is Peter, your brother? Also, that’s great news. Getting on Gox could open Peercoin up to a lot more opportunities.

Yes. I’m hoping 2014 is the end of the Bitcoin purist exchanges.

Peter John Manglaviti, I go by John.

Wait, your name isn’t JustaBitofTime?!!

I feel so lied to.


Wait, your name isn’t JustaBitofTime?!!

I feel so lied to.


I’m not changing it like Kim Dotcom! :slight_smile:

This at least seems promising, thank you Vindimy: