Good write up on Peercoin by (me)

Take a look at this post I wrote on steemit today about Peercoin:

There is a lot of new investors to the crypto space that have never heard of Peercoin. When they make their investment decisions they look at the top 5 coins on coinmarketcap and buy into them.

That’s a problem. If you ask them “ever heard of Peercoin” they quickly say no…

A lot of us long timers know full well that Peercoin’s proof-of-stake is a good answer to the unscalable Bitcoin that is constantly having problems and is now about to hard fork in August.

It seems like we’ve been waiting for people to “find us” and “discover us”…

That’s why I haven’t been posting in these forums lately. I’ve been bringing the message to the masses and talking about it off-platform… (off platform means, not our secret little forum we have here. Out in public)

I think you will enjoy the post I wrote tonight, if you click the link above. It really explains why buying 1 single Bitcoin isn’t going to give you near the investment growth you could get, if you would just buy the equivalent dollar value of Peercoin.

I’ve been getting a lot of great comments and interest. Let me know what you think…

We all knew this day would come… when Bitcoin was hurting and Peercoin was a good answer. Now is the time to really explain it to the next generation of investors. :slight_smile:


P.S. My last tip for donations was when we were on SMF forum before discourse Want to send me a peercoin for my efforts, I’d sure appreciate it. My PPC wallet is PM9SxvYxaLpjRE4hpm51f24zy4xnapwtt7

(I’m striving to get to 2500 ppc at some point. Watch me work at it)