Good Vibes Home Decor - Accepting PPC

Let me first say that I am the creator of this website Good Vibes Home Decor -, it is my first e-commerce website and I am not an expert marketer by any means. I put this together in large part to show my girlfriend how accepting cryptocurrency payments could work for her website ( … no, she does not yet accept cryptocurrency ‘yet’… but as I got more involved I decided to go live and quietly put it together. It is based on a dropshipping model, I keep my mark ups low, I have ordered from my suppliers in the past and surprisingly I’ve seen orders come in from different parts of the world.

So seeing that this experiment has begun to confirm itself more and more and bring in a little extra income, I’ve finally decided to come out and share it with you all and what better time then for the hard fork to v.0.8.

I am open to criticism, suggestions, comments, feedback… cheers!

🎉Celebrating @PeercoinPPC hard fork to v.0.8! 👏 Now until Oct 31st you can save 25%🏷️on your entire order when you checkout using #Peercoin! $PPC #proofofstake #cryptocurrency accepted here!

— Good Vibes Home Decor (@GoodVibes_Decor) October 1, 2019



Maybe add Peercoin here so it’s clear that it’s accepted.

Also, where is this shipping from?

Good point, as it is now payment options are displayed automatically as an integrated feature but it clearly does not show everything… I guess I can work around that and create a custom image to replace what is there now.

As for shipping, in most cases products are shipped from China. Some suppliers also have options to ship from US, Spain and Russia in addition to shipping from China.

I see is only BTC.ETC, LTC :frowning:

Unfortunately CoinPayments only displays very few options on that screen but when you go to the next payment screen it does display Peercoin.

I’ve tested it before and can verify it works, still trying to figure out how to get around the limited images at the moment.