Hey, everyone.

I have been working on a go implementation of the PeerAssets protocol. It’s in a preliminary phase
but has been progressing steadily. I decided to upload the repository of its current state here,

Any extra eyes or help with the project would be greatly appreciated.


This is a go implementation of the PeerAssets protocol defined by https://github.com/peerassets

What is this?

go-peerassets communicates with your local node using standard RPC commands. It aggregates
all relevant PeerAssets transaction on the chosen network and stores them in a local database.
This allows for asset tracking, state calculations, and much more! You can think of this as a
type of blockexplorer for PeerAssets related transactions.

What are the goals of this project?

This project is being worked on to ultimately create a backend blockchain parser that stores
data to be served via API in the near future. This will allow for web-wallets to integrate
PeerAssets tracking and creation.



Peace and Prosperity :peercoin: (No. 0250 / 1000)

airdrop wallet 0250.pdf (297.5 KB)