Fuzzy, you recently opened wiki.peercointalk.org

… But if you don’t promote it nor open registrations people will not contribute!


Time to wiki Sunny King!


Yes, thanks for setting up the wiki Fuzzy, but please allow open registrations so that it can get started. If spam becomes a problem it can be dealt with down the line, right now it won’t grow unless everyone has access.

Have any of you just tried PM’ing him? Maybe he just hasn’t seen this thread.

^^ This, when I set it up I asked people to PM me and I will sign you up, as I had only a few PM me I thought people were busy etc.

I will open up registrations for now but will close them down if spam becomes a problem, do not want to have to monitor that as well, devtome works from having a signing up admin where people PM signing admins on bitcointalk, it works very well and perhaps people want to volunteer to do this role, but as I said I’ll open it up now


Thank you. I think open registrations are better because having to PM discourages people from contributing small amounts, but if spam does become a big problem later then I don’t mind being an admin.

Account created, thanks Fuzzy!