Fun and Games

It would be nice to have some kind of game to throw a few Peercoin at.
I’ve brought it up in the Discord a while back but I’m wondering if we could get something going.
By “we”, I mean someone would need to make the game and host it somewhere, but it doesn’t need to be complicated, just interactive. One of my suggestions was a Battleship-type game.
From what I understand, using stakes as an RNG isn’t the best option but it could be limited to a small amount so that it’s not worth trying to game the system. This could be for keeps or for fun… (each player stakes a set amount or locks it into an account, whichever)

I know there’s costs and planning and finding someone to do this, I’d just like to start a discussion to see if it’s possible and how much interest / funding would be needed.

hopefully no one loses an eye. :slight_smile: