Fraudulent site -

A visitor to the Forum chat box has reported that he (she) sent 3,000 PPC to the site

I believe we have reported to google before, but I have reported it again just now, with the following message:

“The website identified purports to be a linked to peercoin, a crypto-currency like bitcoin. In fact, it has nothing to do with peercoin, the legitimate site of which is People have sent peercoins to this site ( only to be unable to withdraw them later - the site is engaged in theft. If you need to contact me for more details, my email is XXX@XXX”

Here is a previous related post:

The whois of the site is here (thanks, MasterOfDisaster):
might help to find some information, because the site was registered in jan 2014 and the whois entry updated in april 2014.
Unfortunately I don’t know domaintools nor can I say something about thier trust level. And it seems that you need to register an account (free trial should suffice…).
If I’m sending scammed people to other scammers, please tell me or have the admins delete this post.
…seems I’m a bit paranoid due to the bad experience some had with

I had the wayback machine create a snapshot of the current site: