Forum requests?:

Here are a couple of things I’d like if possible:

Auto logout after X minutes. I never remember to log out. I thought this might be an option somewhere.
Larger uploads (I never could get it to work with mine. I had to post online elsewhere then link to the forum)

Hey sprite,
Many thanks for your requests, regarding an auto logout feature there is one which you can use by setting your login as a set amount of time rather than “forever”, then you will be logged out after 1 hour etc or if you not active i believe.

Uploads yes sorry there have been many log errors I have seen about people trying to upload files that are larger than the server can accept or have timed out, whenever I tried to put an image on it was successful so had issues replicating and finding a solution but I will look into this but I don’t want to allow people to clutter up the server with too many large files.