Floyx - social media developed for crypto community

Hi guys,

I would like to introduce you FLOYX - social media developed for crypto community.

Following social media, we noticed a certain regularity which says that there will never be a product under the hand of “big giants” oriented only for the environment of blockchain (and in general crypto reasoning). There are many reasons, even a real threat to the fundamental value of money (fiat), banks and political organizations. It is difficult to regulate and influence something that has been created for people and gives a lot of freedom in the flow of money (the speed and lack of fees that can be freely regulated in the case of banks).

That is why it is so important to give people the opportunity to unite at one particular point. A place where they will share their knowledge, information on the development of their company, as well as create a place where people will be able to find jobs with ever-growing technologies that will revolutionize the world over the next few years.

Nowadays all informations are spread among Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Linkedin, coin calendars etc. Who has got a time to lookafter all this services?
We have worked out what for us, cryptofreaks is the most important and we have put it in one place, place where we will be able to prevent all kind of scams by verification all public profiles, place friendly for newbies as well as experts, for hobbiests and profesionalists, the smallest ones as well as giants, place for pupiles and mentors.

This place is called FLOYX

We would like to point out that the registration and use of all tools on the site is completely FREE. FLOYX is safe and free social media, we do not ask for private data of users, we do not ask the user for a phone number, etc.

As a foretaste check several screenshots

Advanced search engines:



Main board

Coin account

ICO account

The product consists of mobile applications for iOS and Android and the main website.
In upcoming days you will get more details.
In following weeks product finally will se day light.
If you are interested, follow us on Facebook and Twitter


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Floyx_Ltd

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Floyx-102583411092606/

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