First Dividend Distribution

KTm is preparing the first NuBits dividend payment to shareholders. The distribution includes about 100 BTC and 20’000 PPC. The BTC must first be converted to PPC before it can be distributed, so this may provide buying pressure in the PPC market until this order is filled.

It’s still unclear on which exchange(s) this 100 BTC will be traded for PPC.

i think only btc-e has so much ppc liquidity. 100 BTC can easily be covered up to the 0.0025-26 btc/ppc :slight_smile:
but nevertheless all the other exchanges will follow the trend

Yes, however there is this information from KTm’s initial proposal, suggesting favoring smaller exchanges.


The peercoins required to fulfil the distribution of dividends will be purchased on the open market.

Exchanges with a lower amount of peercoin trading volume are preferred, primarily because we’ll be able to offer better-than-average prices for larger blocks of peercoins. If attempted on a deeply liquid exchange (such as BTC-e), the net effect will likely be a run-up of price, or a backing-away of the order because traders will view it as an intentionally placed “wall,” rather than a real order.

A premium may be required to attain a better price.

We will attempt to push traders to raise volume on secondary markets through their attempts to arbitrage the price difference made available.

The Custodian will split orders between one and four exchanges (divided proportionately each exchange).

Splitting the trades across exchanges lowers the exposure risk of exchange default(s).