Finally, the death coming

Due to PPC, I put all my money in it since 2014, now everyone around me who had invest copytocurrency is rich since that time, I hate Peercoin, to the hell ! ! !


Mmhm… you actually are on already. Not sure what to do now.


we all live and learn

Are you planning to sell?


Peercoin is the best cripto, I am shure. But in this world, manipulation and Big Money still rules.
Even scam cripto like XRP have a 2000 times more capitalisation that PPC. Just wait a dollar crisis, and roles will change. We need to work calm on PPC infrastructure.


And that is what we’re continuing to do. v0.11 hard fork finished and transaction timestamp dropped, Wrapmeister coming up soon. The fun stuff starts now.

@wolfcrafts I am sorry to hear about your situation, but you should not blame your money management problems on Peercoin. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.


It’s silly to consider cryptocurrencies an investment in the first place.

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@wolfcrafts stop lying I see you holding 0 token on blockchain…

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“We shall see” "We’ll See" - A Cautionary Fable - Sacred Structures by Jim Baker : Sacred Structures by Jim Baker

Sunny King said that he conceived the peercoin as a one dollar coin. Nobody deceives us, we deceive ourselves more often.

Design of the coin has nothing to do with the price of a coin.

PPC best stablecoin on the market.


Your past self was way more baller than your current self - that’s a sign you are on the wrong path.

Why is that?