[feature request] a debugging mode of peerunity/nu not to broadcast new blocks

I suspect my minter is finding very different number of blocks in networks provided by different ISPs. To remove randomness factor, a good way to debug is to run two minting machines in different network for a while and see they both find the same blocks. This causes blocks found by more than one nodes to be invalidated. So please implement a debugging command line optiion in peerunity/nu not to broadcast new blocks after they are found.

If you have access to Linux, you could always edit source, and re-compile. The code isn’t that difficult to understand if you read through it.

Hi mhps, you should create issues on github for the related projects.

And if you are willing to code in Go you can also come and help me working on the minting part of the ppcwallet project :slight_smile:

Thanks ppcman and mably. I am using win7 and raspi. i compiled peerunity on raspian once but it didn’t start. I try not to open another time sink to setup a more complicated environment and develop myself, even though I have been interested in learning Go.

Hey mhps, just started learning go a few months ago, during my last summer holidays, and still learning everyday.

I’m working on ppcd only for the fun. I really enjoy learning about the inner workings of Peercoin, it’s an amazing coin to study.

Feel free to join me on the ppcd project when you have time, I’m feeling a bit lonely at the moment since kac- has disappeared only God knows where :slight_smile: