Failure upgrading from 0.7.2 to 0.8.4

Hello. I’ve tried running 0.8.4 and I got past the corrupted block database dialog but the wallet.dat fails to load with the message Error loading wallet.dat: Wallet corrupted.

In the debug.log I have many Error reading wallet database: CPrivKey corrupt messages. The wallet loads fine on 0.7.2. The wallet was originally created a good number of years back so I wonder if the keys are in a deprecated format.

Dump the private keys in the console and import them in the new wallet.

From -salvagewallet I get WARNING: CWalletDB::Recover skipping key: Error reading wallet database: CPrivKey corrupt so that doesn’t appear to have worked.

Edit: @peerchemist Despite that, it does appear to have worked, thank you.

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