Facebook Scam Page!

Looks like there was a Facebook page set up trying to scam people so lets take them down! I’ve already reported them to Facebook and you can to. :fist:

I seriously dislike scammers, especially ones using Peercoin as their cover. :rage:

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Do you have a link? I can’t seem to find it. There are impersonators who usually post in the comments when I make a new post, but I take care of them pretty quickly. Is this something on its own page?

Looks like its own page. Try this link Peercoin - Home | Facebook | facebook.com/Peercoin-101006138858945

I currently only have access to my phone and noticed it while using the app as they shared my profile pic along with others to their page with their scammy pitch. :triumph:

Let me know if that brings you to their page, I copied it this time from using Facebook via web browser.

Got a response from Facebook…

That’s messed up. Let’s all report it then. Unfortunately another one will likely pop up in its place. I’ll need to see if Facebook has the verification badges like Twitter does.