Exmo.com listing

Hello peers,

I have been in talks with Exmo.com exchange about opening Peercoin markets. As exmo.com is integrated with European banking system, it is possible to get EUR and USD pairs, and interesting crypto pairs like BTC or USDC(T). I would propose we start with the USDC pair, then open the BTC pair as liquidity picks up. EUR pair can be third.

Exmo.com has a decent liquidity profile and far less wash trading than is usual for crypto exchanges.

Coinpaprika estimates that real volume (ERV) is about the same as the reported volume:


Exmo.com asks for $20000 for integration fees and 3k PPC for the on-exchange giveaway which will get some peercoins into the hands of their customers and hopefully pique their interest in the coin. I suggest these costs are split between Foundation and the community.

Foundation is willing to cover half of the listing fee (10k USD) and 3000 PPC, and the community is to participate with the remaining $10000.

Splitting the cost is a good measure of interest in this from the community, if there are no interested parties in this then there is hardly any sense for the Foundation to waste its limited resources on the listing.



WIll pass. Let’s first improve volume on current exchange that supports #peercoin.



this is the Ethereum multisig to temporarily hold the funds which would cover half the listing fee.



Another thing interested parties need to mind is that listing is useless if there will be no liquidity on this exchange. No liquidity will lead to no interest from their user base, and to eventual delisting.

Does EXMO exchange has Proof of Reserve?

You would need to ask them direct.