Exco.in is now trading NSR/BTC and more to come

Excoin is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange, we only select coins that we feel have made a large impact in the overall cryptocurrency community.

For more information on our process please read: https://blackwavelabs.com

Excoin features

[ul][li]Continuous proof of reserves and signed message and address showing Exco.in’s own cryptocurrency holdings on top of existing user balances. [/li]
[li]Full Featured API, ability to generate multiple API keys with different permissions.[/li]
[li]Asynchronous trading engine, capable of matching hundreds of a trades at the same time.[/li]
[li]Real-time UI on our web client.[/li]
[li]Instant deposits and withdrawals, you will get notification regarding deposits at 0 confirmations.[/li]
[li]Full Chinese localization and Mandarin speaking support staff.[/li]
[li]Support responds to all inquires within 24 hours.[/li][/ul]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExcoinExchange
IRC: #excoin @ freenode