EVERYDAY Bitcoinaverage.com prices at CCEDK - BTC Trading pool!

[center][size=18pt]CCEDK.com - Your very own Nubits/Peercoin exchange in Denmark [/size]
[size=14pt]offering fiat to PPC in 9 fiat currencies, NBT to USD as well as NBT to BTC and PPC [/size][/center]

ATTENTION ALL YOU GOOD Nubits and Peercoiners! :slight_smile: :wink:

Are you at Nubits, Peercoin and Primecoin comunity aware of the BTC trading pool available at CCEDK? ??? :o


In order to increase the flow of Fiat overall eventually having it enter the Nubits section also, I would like to bring to your attention the possibility to buy Bitcoin at CCEDK for the rate set at Bitcoinaverage same day!

At CCEDK we offer you the following options available to buy Bitcoin, and via BTC eventually to buy NBT, Peercoin or any other crypto coin avaialble at CCEDK:


  • At CCEDK you may deposit/withdraw EUR on the base of SEPA and pay 3EUR for that flatfee,

USD/GBP/CHF/NOK/SEK on the base of SWIFT and corresponding deposit/withdraw fees http://ccedk.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/123890

and DKK with no charge of deposit.

Buying BTC at average BTC price, you seldom get it much better, is easy at CCEDK

  • you simply place your buy order at the price taken from Bitcoinaverage or higher :), and if nobody else is reacting to the buy offer at that day’s average price, CCEDK comes in and buy’s it on the base of the money pool available! And we do it same day. :slight_smile: :wink:

* Withdraw the BTC you just bought paying the mere BTC 0,001[/b]

* Average price BTC can be found here: https://bitcoinaverage.com/#EUR

  • CCEDK buy or sell commission is market lowest 0,2%!!

Help yourself save money, and help CCEDK become your favourite exchange by supporting the exchange whenever possible, and do not forget to tell that CCEDK is also offering fiat currencies:



or even RUR/UAH via Payeer,

and even at the average market price of BTC at all times!!

Our BTC pool consists of some 1000 BTC, and there is still a while untill that pool is empty, so come get some BTC at some low prices these days!!

It is the time to shop BTC - why not support CCEDK, make some traffic, and increase the trading as an immediate consequence.

The ball is always in your hands, but just felt I needed to tell you what was available at CCEDK![/b]

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing