Euro 2016

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So let’s discuss the championship.

[ul][li]Who are you cheering for?[/li]
[li]Who will become champion of europe?[/li]
[li]Did you win some PPC on Peerbet?[/li][/ul]

Regardless of what we say, Germany will win. :smiley:

That’s always the case :wink:

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We cheer for BELGIUM!!!

Opening game is in about two hours. France will open the cup vs. Romania.

What is interesting, Peerbet users have placed the most money on guest win (Romania). Which is totally oposite of what sportsbooks offer. Regular bookies offer odds on France to win that are 8 times greater than odds on Romania win. Maybe the Peerbet users know something bookies dont? :smiley:

{'draw_balance': '1', 'guest_balance': '30', 'home_balance': '18'}

France did win from Romania!

Any winners in this community?
Probably awaiting the payout to place your bets on the next game?

Again three matches today.

My view on the chances today:

[ol][li]Turkey - Croatia: Croatia is stronger on paper, but Turkey should not be underestimated. This match can go in any direction. If you like a gamble, this is a great one to put some money on![/li]
[li]Poland - N. Ireland: N. Ireland, anyone knew they have a football team? Poland should win this one easily. But a nice Peerbet payout can be expected if they don’t![/li]
[li]Germany - Ukraine: Germany the ruling world champion should walk over Ukraine. However Ukrainians are though guys. A bet on Ukraine could make you rich ;)[/li][/ol]

Ukraine vs. Northern Ireland

Both teams come into this game on the back of losses to Germany and Poland respectively. As a result, neither team can lose this game. A loss pretty much eliminates them from the competition. While neither team are world beaters, the Ukrainians certainly have a bit more talent. The Northern Ireland squad can counteract the skill differential with their passionate and tactically adept play. I’m excited to see how Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka do with a bit more space. They are both very quick and tricky attackers, and I don’t think Northern Ireland are going to limit their chances to the extent that Germany did. The Ukrainians did have good chances against the Germans, and I do think they will have joy tonight. The Northern Ireland squad play best when they can counter attack, but they will be forced to try and carry the play here tonight.

England vs. Wales

This is a match of contrasting emotions after the first round of group games. The Welsh won their first game in their first ever European Championship match, while England are going to be licking their wounds after the late draw with Russia. This will definitely be a pressure filled game, but the one thing I’m really interested in seeing is whether or not the English adopt a more direct approach when they are in the final third. It feels like they are playing out wide so often and trying to get the perfect ball that everything is falling apart. On the other hand, the Welsh are just playing a simple attacking game and are generating a ton of good chances as a result. Sure, despite Slovakia winning today as the Russians fell asleep a bit, I believe the Russian defence is a bit stronger than the Slovakian one. But the Welsh looked good against the Slovakians while the English were disappointing. Fullbacks Walker and Rose need to continue their overlapping runs, because I have a feeling the English are going to need support to create second chances. I think both sides are going to be eager to attack in this one. For the English, anything but a win would put qualification in serious jeopardy. For the Welsh, their result in the first game means they can seriously step forward towards qualifying. I think both teams will be pushing forward more than usual.

Germany vs. Poland

The Germans, as we all know, are genuine contenders here. They are world class in every position. Still, the Polish have talent throughout, spearheaded by Lewandowski. The Germans should know the ins and outs of Lewandowski, however, with Neuer, Boateng and Hummels all playing with him with Bayern Munich. I think this game is going to play out with the Polish sitting back and the Germans carrying play. That runs with the play styles of these two teams - The Germans are a possession based team that relies on exquisite through balls while the Polish are a great counter attacking game. I hope this is an open game as that would be an amazing spectacle between two quality sides. I don’t, however, think that is likely.

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Spain vs. Turkey

Spain have shown repeatedly in recent years that they can be beaten when a team adopts a defensive game plan and tries to frustrate Spain with a counterattacking game. Heck, Georgia showed that just last week, and they aren’t world beaters. Now, however, the Turks are in a tough spot because they actually do have to attack. They lost against Croatia, and if they don’t get at least a draw against Spain, they are in some very serious trouble. I spoke last week about how Spain struggles actually breaking down teams, but if you give them a little bit of space, which I think they will have today, they will make you pay. I also don’t rate the Turks composure and ability to hold out for 90 minutes very high anyways. Still, they are a good side and certainly have quality, but I just think they are missing that little bit of special something you need to win at this level. The Turks are famed for their determination and motivated displays. Sometimes they run around a little recklessly, but they’ve also achieved some impressive results due to their belief.

Italy vs. Sweden

The Italians very much impressed be in their 2-0 victory over Belgium. I very much underestimated their steely resolve and composed play. I looked at the squad and their recent performances and thought they were going to be a mediocre edition of the past glorious Italian sides. I still don’t think they are nearly as talented as some of the other teams, but, they don’t have to be. While everyone else has looked a little out of ideas in the opening round, the Italians looked like a genuine team. The Swedes were one of those sides that really disappointed in their opener. They drew 1-1 with Ireland, and I don’t even know if they registered a shot on goal. Even their goal was a cross from Zlatan that was headed in by the Irish defender. The Swedes are in a bit of a tough spot now, thanks to the result against the Irish. If they want any hope of progressing, they cannot lose to either the Italians or the Belgians, and in all reality, they need a win. Though I wasn’t impressed with the Swedes generally in game 1, they looked much better after the addition of Guidetti. I’m certain he will be starting this match today. I do think the Italians looked very good in Game 1. But, I do think that they benefitted a little bit from the Belgians playing perhaps the most perimeter based game I’ve seen from a good team in a long while. I don’t think the Swedes will adopt a similar approach. They try and play everything centrally through Zlatan.

Croatia vs. Czech Republic

Croatia were one of my dark horses before the tournament started, and after a tidy win against Turkey, I’ll be backing them again today. That being said, I thought the Czechs were a handful for the Spanish in the opener, and had chances to win. In the end, Pique’s header from the masterful Iniesta cross was the difference. To me, that’s just the thing with this Czech side. They are good, definitely, and talented, but they just do not have the level of quality yet that the very good sides have. I mean, Pique was left nightmarishly open on that one, and with such little time left that just cannot happen. Now they face the Croatians in a game they must get a result from, because a lone win against the Turks won’t send them through. The Czech coach has said as much in the buildup to this one, stating that they won’t be focusing on defense as much as they did against the Spanish and will instead concentrate on attack. I think that’s going to leave them exposed against a Croatian attack with some serious talent led by Modric, Mandzukic, Perisic and Rakitic. Lastly, and most importantly, the Croatian manager has promised to take the side out drinking tonight if they win and as a result qualify for the knockout rounds. If that’s not enough incentive, then what is?

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Ukraine vs. Poland

Well, I’ve pumped Poland’s tires this far in the tournament and I’m not going to stop now against one of the teams that has disappointed me the most in the tournament thus far. I really thought Ukraine had a good enough squad to cause all of the teams in their group some serious problems, but instead they have looked very poor and out of ideas going forward. They’ve lost both games 2-0 thus far, losing to both Germany and Northern Ireland. While Poland have been far from what I’ve come to expect from them in their two games so far, I do think they’ve been quite a few classes better than Ukraine. I think it’s also likely that Ukraine will give a few of their peripheral players a run out today as they have nothing to play for tonight. Poland, on the other hand, have everything to play for as they can win their group with a victory. Yes, for some teams and players, playing a side with nothing to play for actually leads to a poor result, but I have faith in the Polish as they’ve handled adversity well all through qualifying. There are also some rumours of dissent in the Ukrainian camp.

Northern Ireland vs. Germany

Arguably, this matchup is the biggest mismatch in stature. Northern Ireland are relative minnows on the international stage whereas the Germans have historically been one of the best teams in the world. This gap is quickly closing, however, as the talent and tactical awareness of Northern Ireland have risen dramatically in recent years. I mean, Northern Ireland impressively ran out 2-0 winners over Ukraine, and honestly looked in charge for the majority of the game. They also only lost 1-0 to Poland and could have nicked that one as well. This is a massive game for them as well. If they can get a positive result, they are more than likely through to the last 16. Heck, even a small loss may put them through. The team from Northern Ireland are always one of the more determined and resolute sides, and with a knockout berth being within touching distance, I expect their effort to be amplified. I don’t think anybody has been very impressed with Germany thus far. I’m surprised they have not yet conceded, but they also have not looked very good going forward. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until the well oiled German machine begins to function again, but it may require dropping the out of form Gotze. I do think the Germans will rotate their squad a bit to try and generate some better play, and I do think it will work, but I think that Northern Ireland will keep this respectable and eventually qualify for the Round of 16.

Croatia vs. Spain

Croatia are certainly one of the darkhorses of European football, whereas the Spanish have remained at the pinnacle for so long that their star is only now starting to fade. The major issue for the Croatians heading into this game is that talisman Luka Modric appeared to tweak his groin in the last game and will certainly be rested today. The hope is that he will be ready for the knockout rounds, but that’s definitely a bit more up in the air than the Croatians would prefer. Further, veteran center back Corluka will likely be spared as well as he’s aggravated a head wound. Heck, there are even rumors that Mandzukic may be rested for this one. For the Spanish, they are already guaranteed to progress, so I expect some rotation there as well. In the end, we are left with a bit of a hodgepodge of starters and substitutes playing for both sides. I still have no idea how the Croatians gave up a 2 goal lead to the Czech Republic, but they will need a much more focused performance if they are to ensure qualification to the next round. I think the Spanish will be the more attacking side of the two, with the Croatians playing a clear counter attacking game, but ultimately, I expect this one to be played at a bit of a pedestrian pace.

Czech Republic vs. Turkey

I think the Czech Republic have performed admirably so far in Euro 2016, and they are left with an opportunity to advance against the bottom side of Group D, Turkey. Likely, a win for Czech Republic would see them through to the knockout rounds. Turkey also have an outside shot at qualifying, but it is quite unlikely. The Czech’s showed their mettle in their comeback draw against Croatia, and that 2-2 result will surely provide some momentum and belief that they can take advantage of a haphazard Turkish side. A major stumbling block for the Czech’s, however, is that their best player and lynchpin Rosicky is out of the tournament after injury. Literally everything is played through him and their team built around him, so this is a massive blow. Still, the Turks are one of the most unorganized and undisciplined sides in the tournament, though they are talented, so I do believe the Czechs have an opportunity. Ultimately, I expect the Czech’s desperation and the Turks talent and unstructured defensive play to lead the way.

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