Establishment of Primecoin Foundation


By the proposal of Sunny King, “Primecoin Foundation” is being established. Please keep an eye on the official website to be up soon.


Neat. @Sunny_King can we get a +1 for confirmation :slight_smile:


Sounds great if true :slight_smile:


Also, we will be setting up a Telegram group. The invite link is:

We are hoping Sunny will be here to confirm soon!


Yes I can confirm that I believe this is the best way to move the Primecoin Project forward. I will be on a consulting role to the foundation once it’s operational. Osamu is managing this task so look for announcements from him.

Primecoin has a very special PoW that is in my opinion as good as if not better than the original hashcash system used by Bitcoin. There is no reason why it cannot be the real alternative/backup to Bitcoin as a base currency network instead of any number of Bitcoin clones. What was lacking in the past was a better organization of the community resource and effort. It is my hope through the foundation the situation would change for the better for Primecoin Project and the entire Primecoin Community.


Would be great to see Sunny in a chat like telegram, there are a lot of people that really look up to him im sure he would love to talk to and vice versa ! :slight_smile: Also I cant wait to help out the foundation and update prime and look forward to this future !


Sunny is a pretty busy guy and is not usually just hanging around to chat. This is why you don’t see him in Peercoin chats. The Peercoin Team occasionally schedules meetings with him though at an appropriate place and time.


Is the foundation still operating?