Error loading blkindex.dat (peerunity)

So I have an issue where on loadup it says error loading blkindex.dat. I think there was an error when I was downloading the new blockchain (a while back to be honest). I have the blkindex.dat file but I’m not sure what to do without losing my wallet. Any ideas?

did you download the new client? since then the blockchain should be redownloaded, you can backup your wallet and delete the datadir and it should sync again

I’m pretty new to all of this (got in with BTC at 2500 but just used JAXX)… can you tell me how to back it up when I can’t access peerunity at all? I was on my way to downloading the new client but got cold feet since I wasn’t sure how to confidently back up my wallet.

the datadir is in %APPDATA%\PPCoin or Peercoin (depends if you still have the old version installed) on windows
~/.ppcoin on linux (or ~/.peercoin)