Electrum server for Peercoin


You can now plug&play ElectrumX server for the Peercoin network.


There is ElectrumX server deployed @ explorer.peercoin.net port 50002 (SSL).


Very nice. Perhaps you might want to share what this might mean for the community?


good job.:+1:


It’s a vital piece of general infrastructure for our project.

First, it’s backend for the Electrum which is the most popular “light” wallet in entire crypto-sphere. It’s pretty much the default light wallet for Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin and so on.

Next, it’s common backend for various other services like BarterDEX (p2p exchange via atomic swaps), several other wallets, block explorers and so on.

We plan to use it as backend for Chizukeki wallet and Perpera webapp.


Happy to announce that

electrum.peercoinexplorer.net 50002 (SSL)

is also available now



Please remove the old electrum database and rescan.