Eco and User-Friendly Minting Station

Hi everyone from Peercoin community,

I’m reaching out to seek for advices. I’m actually working on a new minting station, but I would need your help in the process. I started iterating some prototypes. I know Peerbox project already, that’s a good starting point … but come on! Not everyone is a developer/technical out there, it’s quite complicated to set it up and you don’t even know how it is working. Minting process is quite obscure and people doesn’t seems to realize potential over there.
It got me a lot of time figuring it out and I’m still learning everyday which is great but people need to understand it right away to use it, not only tech.

The idea would be to have a minting station that indicate minting process in a friendly way using lights and/or sound. Of course, it can serve other purposes like bringing awareness to cryptocurrency for people (Using a startup wizard for example). I heard people are working on new educational videos about Peercoin that can be included in the experience as well.

Incentive it quite obvious as a minting station will help you earn PPC but can be converted as US dollar or whatever fiat currency you’re using. Minting process should be the main feature of the device. Securing the network would come as a second argument.

Technically it is not complicated as it will take the same architecture as the Peerbox project. Using a Raspberry Pi Zero (low consumption usage) to host the Peercoin minting wallet. Cover box will be improved with leds and 3D printing parts to make it friendly. Minting station can be staked on the wall so you can see your minting status in real time.

I really believe in Peercoin project, it’s a wonderful project with great people around it. I also feel like Peercoin is worth working for and that everyone can be involved in the process that’s why I would need everyone feedback/opinions/comments about this.

Thanks a lot for reading,


----------------- Links for follow up ------------------ page :
Trello : (Preparing tasks to be done)
Design : Should be like this at the end ->
Implementation :

Minting Process Logic : Later


There is StakeBox, which is ready out of the box and less technical, if this is what you had in mind.

Team Update #13: The Peercoin Team Partners with StakeBox (A Pi Supply Brand) to Deliver a Secure StakeBox for Minting Peercoins. Pre-Order Today!

Hi Cisco,

Yes this is a starting point but I would like to improve it to make it user friendly. I will start modeling something and share it here.
I’m talking about this tutorial :
It’s great but still too technical for average people. Goal is to be able to get as much people involved right ? So it needs to be easier than that in my opinion, what do you think ?


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have you heard about alpine linux? i think it is a good fit for something like this

So I had an idea for this. I made a prototype for a neon type sign that could be made out of plastic with LEDs behind it. I want to add a raspberry pi and power both the lights and the board from a dual USB connection or something. But basically, the leaf would also indicate the color of the maturity of a given stake. Maybe if you made a pi enclosure with a smaller leaf, you could do something similar. Really easy to just make two or three leds that indicate the highest priority stake’s age or something.

For scale, its about the length of my forearm in size. Could be made much smaller and more like a nightlight with the raspberry pi included.


Hi Bucckets,

Thanks for sharing, that’s pretty interresting indeed. Green leds looks nice as well. Smaller size + nightlight is great I guess. Clock-based is also something to look at.


Quick follow up, I’ve created an project page so everyone can contribute here or on the forums. I’m preparing each unit tasks for people so anyone can take what they would like to work on (Maybe using Trello, or if you have better tools for communities you can suggest).

@Buckkets I took you’re lighting leaf to illustrate on the page.

Stay tuned for more, I will plan to design leaf box with some NeoPixel in it, will see how it render (I’ll go for clock-wise format with lighting indicating minting days)


Update for rendering. It’s more difficult than I though to make a proper design. Gonna see what’s come next!


Looks great! Excited to see how it looks. Rounded edges are always difficult, well done!

I like the minimal look. Just so you realize though, you are currently using an outdated version of our leaf logo. It looks similar, but there is a difference. The most up to date version can be found on our website here:

By the way, where did you find the outdated image? It seems new services that support us always use the outdated graphic, so I’m trying to find out where they’re getting it from, since we don’t display it on our websites anymore.

Hi Sentinelrv,

Yeah you’re right I got it from with a google search. I’ll just downloaded the right ones to be imported into the design. Thanks for pointing out.

Update to this thread started a while already.

I just pushed a starting point of a web wallet connected to peercoind raspberry pi. I didn’t test it out fully with a new hardward setup from scratch. (it means that I don’t care if your doesn’t work for you as this is just an alpha version :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
User can see real time minting attempts and minting progress like in the full desktop wallet, except that you can just plug your raspberry pi that will act as hardware wallet.

  • Javascript API for Peercoin RPC commands needs to be improved an exported as an external one to be used anywhere else (others javascript framework for example like VueJS or standard JS)

Features include : Real Time Minting attempts, wallet transactions, blockchain sync using RPC JSON Interface and more to come. It act as an head for the headless raspberry pi hardware using peercoind. Connexion can be done to localhost RPI using internal IP and port 9902. For now if you want to test it you need to push and built this repo on your RPI and start web server then connect with any device(s).

Needs to be done : Design from the Light wallet reference from (or something similar)

Well it looks a lot like Ledger, gonna see for others design later on it’s just a Proof-Of-Concept.