Earn peercoins with 247exchange affiliate program!

Dear community members! My name is Eldar and I am Affiliate Program Manager at 247exchange.com – the easiest and fastest website for buying and selling peercoins/cryptocurrencies, run by InterMoney Exchange.

We want to offer you unique opportunity to earn peercoins (as well as USD or other cryptocurrencies), recommending our website to other users, promoting Peercoins and making money at the same time! Let me explain how this works:

  1. After you’ll make an account (or make any order) at our website, and verify your email address you are approved to use our Affiliate Program without any restrictions – just check the «Affiliate Program» link at our website or in welcome email. You will be provided with the link that looks like https://www.247exchange.com/?rId=XXXX

You will not need to buy/sell peercoins or verify your account to participate in the program, valid email address is everything that is required to make money with us!

  1. Use your link (you may point the user to any page of our website) in social networks, send it to your friends/relatives and other contacts. If you have any peercoin-, cryptocurrency- or similar themed blogs, websites etc – don’t forget to post an article (service review, testimonial if you had used us will work great), create a news post and place some banner ads – such practices result in great sales boost! Affiliate section of your personal account has some tips how to promote us the most efficient way.

  2. As soon as anybody from those who will come to our website using your link, will make a (paid) order, you will instantly rewarded by 30% of the fee we took from this user. The best thing is that you will get 30% of the fees taken from your referrals LIFETIME! It does not matter, if the user will use your link in future or not – once he’s your referral, he’ll generate income for you from all his future orders! Our statistic shows that average user has few monthly orders, and his purchasing limits will be increased from month to month, so your income will exponentially grow every month! We are quite a new startup, so you have a perfect chance to earn good money, helping us to grow.

Another great thing is that our program has two levels i.e. if your referral will have its own referrals – you’ll also have 30% of the reward your referral will earn. Attract bloggers, people with active social networks (also forums etc) accounts and get paid for it even if you will not have direct sales!

I will add details in next post…

As you can see, it’s easy as 1-2-3 to make money with us and the reward is quite generous, but that’s not all! There are a number of other features, making 247exchange’s Affiliate Program different from the other ones and allowing you to earn Peercoins doing virtually nothing. Let me describe some of these:

  1. You may withdraw your earnings instantly as soon as your account balance will be just $1.0 (in equivalent), we can pay you either is USD or in Peercoin and other cryptocurrencies.

  2. It’s one of very few peercoin-exchange’s affiliate programs, counting and storing affiliate’s balance in just one currency (USD, that can be converted to BTC/LTC etc any moment). We are fair with you – after every sale your balance will be credited in USD, even if it was let’s say namecoin to peercoin exchange. As a result, it’s a lot faster to earn the minimal fee at our exchange and every sale counts!

  3. We are relatively new startup (operating less than a year). We are growing quite rapidly, but at the moment www.247exchange.com is still «fresh», so there is a big chance that many of your friends, colleagues, readers/followers etc had not tried our service yet! Be among the first promoters of our service, attract new users while it’s easy, and get paid lifetime!!!

  4. Despite our «age», we already have some «killer» features, making it extremely easy to promote the service. Some of the most important:
    a) We have absolutely the best rates for buying peercoins with credit cards with instant delivery; and the process is very easy for the client without the need to trade etc. Buying peercoins with credit/debit cards is the fastest and easiest way to top up peercoin account for most of people, so you will be amazed with the results of promoting it!
    b) We also have 400,000 locations worldwide to buy peercoins with cash instantly. No one from the competitors provides such service; it was added recently so you have the chance to be among the first promoters and attract a lot of new users!
    c) Besides that, we have a lot of other deposit/withdrawal options – bank transfers in various currencies, local payments in some countries, the possibility to withdraw peercoins to any credit/debit card and are regularly adding new payment/withdrawal options! Unlike most exchanges, we are instant and don’t hold the clients money – as soon as we got the payment, peercoins are paid automatically (the same with withdrawal orders). Our clients know exactly how much one peercoin is worth before making the payment, there is no need to trade etc – in other worlds 247exchange is the easiest, fastest and safest way to buy/sell peercoins and other cryptos!

So, that’s very important, you will be promoting a really innovative, reliable, demanded, highest-quality service. Promoting 247exchange you will do three good things at once: making money for yourself, recommending reliable risk-free exchange to your friends/followers etc, and helping peercoins and cryptos to become available for the «general» public. Our mission is to make the process of buying/selling peercoins same easy, as to top up the mobile phone balance; your assistance will be greatly appreciated and paid accordingly.:slight_smile:

We are open for any cooperation, besides promotional materials you can find in your account, we can provide the most active affiliates (as well as webmasters, bloggers etc) with custom content, banners, promo-codes (specially for your users) etc – just contact me.

Please write me a line here, in PM or by email affiliates[member=32145]247exchange[/member].com if you have any questions, suggestions etc, I will be happy to assist. Thanks for the attention and please let us know what do you think, your opinion is very important for us!