Downloaded&Opened peerunity,sent PPC's to it,can't find them now!


I have downloaded peerunity, looked into it and thought i could use this wallet later for my ongoing transactions. So I bought some PPC’s to deposit them into this peerunity wallet. The coins have been sent, But when i tried now 2 days later to check if the coins have arrived at my address, i recognized that i have had to start again the peerunity.exe and the reciving adress now is a completely different one, not the same as 2 days ago. But the PPC’s have gone to the address 2 days ago.

Does anybody know how i can recover this old address i saw 2 days ago in my peerunity wallet ?
I haven’t saved anything, because i did not know i should do this. I thought the address will never change and be there after starting the program (this was my experience with some other wallets and coins).

Why is this different here ? Does anybody know where i can find the peercoins now ? My old address does not appear anymore.

Thanks in advance

A wallet contains many addresses (at least 100). Has the blockchain finished downloading? I would suggest encrypting and backing up your wallet before sending any money to it. That goes for any cryptocurrency, not just Peercoin.

After your suggestion i’ve downloaded the whole blockchain now. But in my german version there is no button for encrypting, just the opposite: decrypting the wallet.

Is there an option to see this (> 100 addresses) my wallet has now so that i can check whether my old one is one of them ?

use a blockexplorer to checek if the coins have been received.

in the command console of peerunity, type

validateaddress your-address-here

to check if this wallet has your address.

a new wallet is nt encrypted .


The blockexplorer confirms the receipt.
The command console said:

“isvalid” : true,
“address” : “PB…9J”,
“ismine” : false

Seems like the address is not part of my 2 days later opened peerunity now.

Has anyone any idea of how i can come to my bought peercoins that i have sent to this probably once in a lifetime ever seen address which seems now to has disappeared to the deep grounds of the ocean of the internet ?

By the way how is this system of addresses working ?

I have not saved my peerunit (it was downloaded on my laptop anyhow- why should i save it ? Can’t it remember by itself some simple things ?). So my old peercoin address is so to say free now (because it has not been saved by myself) and as fishes swim around in the ocean there can come another fisherman fishing for fish and my old (free) address can swim into his net. So when the fisherman opens up his fish for dinner he will recognize he has found an unexpected treasure in the stomach of his new fish (an already exisisting deposit in his address). So if we have a lot of time we should all open up 1000 different peerunities and check if there are already existing deposits in it. Or better write a computer program that detects deposits on not saved addresses. The another question is how this fish swims into our net later. But perhaps a new created peercoin unit could execute this order. Chase, hypnotize this fish, grab it and take it away. Signalising the programmer with a “mission completed” pop-up window that the task has been successfully fulfilled. :wink:

Or are those free, but peer coin filled addresses like graves in the ocean of the internet ? They have sunk deep down to the ground and no one really knows where they really are.

If someone uses the exact same private key as what you had, then they can access your coins. It is extremely unlikely anyone will ever recover them if you don’t.

Thanks for your efforts to help/answer my questions.

Bye Nagalim & mhps.

Did you save the wallet that has the address or the private key of the address? They allow you to move your coins.

  1. Very interesting “bitcon address collision” article. It explained a lot. Thanks

  2. My peercoins appeared again, today !!! It’s unbelievable.

When i wanted to log in into a cryptocurrency exchange i mistakenly opened a wallet that sounded quite similar. I can’t remember i have ever used this wallet. But i have written down the login data on a paper. There appeared different cryptocurrencies all with a 0 value. When I jumped to the bottom i only wondered about the total of around 100 US-Dollars. I did not know where this should come from. But when i scrolled up there was a line with Peercoins and a numer of 50 PPC. OMG! I checked the address and it was the missed “PB…9J”-address. There they are !!! Unbelievable. Obviously i have not send them to peerunity, but instead to this other wallet i only used once. But i always thought they must be under this peerunity wallet which i planned to use in the future. So my peercoins are back :slight_smile:
I have written them off already. The probability to create the exact same address with the same private and public key is nearly nil. But on the other side this is just math and statistic. If you really, really have bad luck the probability is absolutely unimportant. Your cat can simply press a button on your keyboard and you have generated and duplicated the same address that has Bill Gates. I guess this cat would get the finest cat food it’s life long :wink:

  1. Thank you for help and letting me understand how the things are really working.

  2. I would suggest a light improvement of peerunity either saving the first addresses automatically on the harddrive or after the first installation a nice pop-up window to appear with a reminder to just save this set up so that new users will never experience a loss of their peercoins. This would be a bad marketing for such an well known currency. This must be prevented. When the masses later get into cryptocurrencies peerunity should be absolutely self explaining for those who don’t know anything. They should feel very save and understood when wanting to use it just as a wallet. This is a thing i would integrate in such a software. People want it easy, convenient and save. I needed just a pop-up window as a remember. I would have saved it and would have had my first old 100 addresses. Perhaps this is something that can be integrated into peerunity.

A small step for a programmer, but may be a big step for customer satisfaction and for peercoins at all.

It was very constructive to have talked to you Nagalim & mhps. Thanks & bye!

It already does. The address and its private key are in the wallet.dat file in peerunity’s data directory. The first one (shown in ‘receive tab’) and 100 future addresses if you ever going to need fron the same wallet.

so make sure to save the wallet file even if you want to delete you peerunity installation.

Thanks, that’s exactly what i did the second time saving this *.dat file. The first time i’ve forgotten it.

Is there an average time how long it takes to mine one peercoin ?

the peerunity wallet has a minting tab that tells you the probability of finding a block for every uxto of yours.
there might be a web calculator somewhere, too.