Documenting the protocol

Bitcoin classic released it’s long term roadmap today.
It is stunning how they are focused on the quality of their implementation.
Extensive automated testing, quality assurance, …

They are even planning to document the protocol that is currently defined by the bitcoin-core implementation, meaning that every bug in the core client is considered part of the protocol.

I’m following these guys closely to see how Peercoin can benefit from this wonderful project.
Maybe we can join them in documenting the protocol, as ours is very closely related.


That would be great if we could join them in documenting the protocol. For too long Peercoin has had no official documentation. I believe it would only help developers who want to contribute, correct?

Also, the things Bitcoin Classic are working on here, is there actually any chance of them being accepted or are the main Bitcoin devs pretty much going to continue blocking them forever? If that is the case and they make no progress even though they may have the better solutions, I wonder if any of them would consider at some point to work with Peercoin instead if we were open to implementing their solutions.

Litecoin and others currently seem set to follow the core Bitcoin devs along with SegWit. I wonder if this is our chance to make headway with a certain segment of Bitcoin supporters who are seeing their efforts rejected by the core dev team.

I like goal nr 3: 3 Access to blockchain as a database

If peercoin wants to succeed as a building platform, a cloud api would certainly contribute. Any ideas where you can host a database the size of 5-8 gb for a affordable price? If it is specifically used for PA then it does not need that much storage, just the ones with a op_return.

We can provide a wrapper for PeerAssets to behave like a SQL or any other database.

This sounds like a fantastic initiative (for them and us!) :slight_smile: