Do you acept different cryptocurrencies? Find your customers here (resources)

Currently we are working on a new service that is going to provide different websites with opportunity of accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.
In the process we realized that those who have just started to sell the goods and services for the coins need to be promoted to the wide range of people who are willing to spend their cryptocurrencies.

We made a list of sites where the owners of online stores can publish the announcement concerning that their stores are accepting Bitcoins now.
At the moment the list is minor - forums, blogs and specialized directories.
We have about 80 links now (not just Bitcoin, but Litecoin and Dogecoin as well).
The list is going to be expanded and other altcoins are going to be added.

So if anyone knows the similar sites, forums, blogs which aren’t presented in the list yet - share it with us - we’d be happy to add it.
If this area gains popularity in the future, we could publish the full list right here on the forum. The current list is always available at

Are you aware of good list of businesses accepting BTC can be found there


thanx for the info

We have added more resources to our list

Now there are more than 50 forums, blogs and directories and nearly 200 threads where you can announce that you accept cryptocurrency in exchange for goods or services.
It’s not only English-speaking resources, but also the communities of major European and Asian languages. There are also Hindi, Hebrew, Scandinavian, etc. spoken sites.

We have the following numbers of resources to discuss a variety of cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin - 142 sites
Litecoin - 95 sites
Dogecoin - 101 sites
Dash - 92 sites
NXT - 93 sites
Peercoin - 60 sites

Do you know the site that is not listed? Tell us and we will add it.

We add the new section with the list of sites that accept cryptocurrency.

I know that something like that already exists, but the idea is that this directory contains sites that accept various even the most rare or new coins.

Who will be interested in:

a) Those who accept cryptocurrencies. Add your site to the list and get additional free source for promotion.
b) Those who are looking for a place where he\she can spend Bitcoins, Litecoins, etc.

At the moment there are few categories and major cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, DASH, XGD), but we plan to add new soon.

I need constructive criticism: does it convenient to use, does the filter useful enough, is everything clear, what additional information is needed for listed sites, etc.
I’ll be glad to hear any feedback.

Feel free to comment please.