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I’ll start by apologizing if my post comes off as misinformed or lacking enough research. I am writing for request to review my working theory to use peershare as an internal financial ledger.

I am a business owner whom offers development services for mid-size and large-size businesses. In short we recruit and pay independent contractors their desired hourly pay to assist on a project. The company is focused around “Trust. Friendship. Good Work.”; for us Trust is the most difficult out of the three. Financially we define Trust as getting a new client to sign a contract, or agreeing to a hourly price. As we convert our business model into a online platform (SaaS) with hopes to greatly scale I expect that obtaining Trust will be more difficult than ever.

I’ve been seeking for a transparent financial solution, we want our clients to know that their investments or retainers have been received and that we are spending the money as agreed. We want to show our contractors that our company is financially doing well and that they’ll be paid on time and accordingly. If you’ve done any contract work or you’ve experienced an employer whom couldn’t make payroll on-time, then you know where I am coming from.

I am convinced that a cryptocurrency could be a fitting solution to the stated problem. Although I am not a cryptocoin holder of any kind, I have followed the trends and studied the technologies and methodologies. The following I think are my firm requirements:

[ul][li]Do not replace a financial institution (bank); rather show value of a “share” with USD available.[/li]
[li]Do not impose clients and contractors to need to understand about cryptocurrency and related processes (‘software’, ‘wallets’, ‘blockchain’, ‘peercoin’, etc).[/li]
[li]New ‘shares’ can only come from authority; PoS.[/li][/ul]

With Peershare I believe it is possible to distribute ‘share’ or ‘credits’ from client to independent contractors. It’s my understanding that when a contractor wants to be paid in USD they would come to me (business) to receive proper funding. When a new client adds a retainer then they get allocated ‘shares’ or ‘credits’ to their project.

We can also encourage minting to contractors; with the stated financial theory it’s expected to have higher income and strengthened cash flow. We can allocate cash (USD) into low or zero risk investments and provide dividends whom mint their earnings.

The questions I have are the following:

[ul][li]Can Peershare be used without any peercoins?[/li]
[li]Does this theory improve financial transparency or increase complexity?[/li]
[li]Will the Peercoin community respectfully accept this theory if it was developed?[/li][/ul]

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Hello Steve and welcome to the forums, very interesting post and nice to see your thoughts and ideas around peershares

Firstly let me say that yes peershares implementation can be used without any peercoins, you will not be able to distribute any as payment to your share holders but that is a business model set by your company, it is not a requirement.

More to come…


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