Did you find peercoin.net using your native language?


  • Did you find peercoin.net using your native language?

  • What is that language?


  • Did you find peercoin.net using the English website.

  • Do you use any of the other languages?

I understand this may not generate a complete or even useful list but I’m curious to see what we come up with. We’re working on updating translations for peercoin.net (Peercoin.net translations - 翻訳 - अनुवाद - tradução - ترجمة) and I’d like to see if all these translations are even the least bit useful (if it actually works for bringing people from different languages and regions to peercoin).


What do you mean with “did you find”? When I opened the website for the first time? For me it appeared in my system language (which is German). Did you mean that?

That’s exactly it. I was wondering if people were first finding peercoin.net in their native language or if they were going through the English page. It’s nice to hear that it came up in German for you.