Did we ever get decentalised pos, no chk pointing also cold minitng

did we ever get decentalised pos??? Dash and eth now decent pos?

also cold miming?

Peercoin is more decentralized PoS than Dash or Casper.
I guess you mean delegated PoS (dPoS).

Delegated PoS is a more centralized form of PoS.

Anyway, I don’t like dPoS.

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Hi Hrobeers, do you have any ideas why peercoin’s value is keep going down all the time?? The price at some extend should reflect the value of the coin. Dash and peercoin used to be in a similar price but now it costs $40.

Most likely because Dash has had a publicly active development team for a while and Peercoin is only just now starting to form one. It has been a long time with no visible progress, leading former supporters to give up and sell. Things are moving in the right direction I think, but we still need more time to agree on the future direction of the protocol and map out its development.

hopefully you are right. I will start buying back some ppc.


Sorry but since when are Dash and Eth PoS?
You have been misinformed.

I think you have made a great decision. It’s been up since you bought it. =)
Peercoin was slow to pick up since 4 years ago. It is because the mass were still in the elementary school (learning about bitcoin in general). Now is the right time for us to educate them with our higher education (Peercoin, which is much more secure, much faster transaction, and much more sustainable decentralization than bitcoin). We need to educate bitcoiners right now now now, because one day 51% attack will happen, it is just inevitable due to many interests, and when that happens, we want to make sure that they move to peercoin. So they need to know about peercoin first.

I will be scared of those 51% attack to bitcoin, because it will happen again and again without warning. Every time it happens, the price will drop and create panic sell. Only the brokers will profit from it, while investors will lose money over and over again. This will happen not only bitcoin, but also to any other system other than POS (which basically is 95% of the currency out there)

No we will never get those things