Just noticed that refurbished their site. Their previous trading interface was hideous, but they came a long way.
I’m not related to them, I just kept an eye on them as I had my first Peercoins from them.

Might become a returning customer if they get some more trading traffic. It is very quiet there right now.

Here is the link to the announcement:

Edit: And they announced to have a trading Android app. That would be the first I know off which would support PPC trading.

I would stay away from this site. They utilize the “Fluer De Lis” aka. Devil’s Flower

Might sound crazy, but If you want to get away from the illuminati occult…

I thought we were beyond the days of witchcraft? You can read something in every symbol.
Those symbols also show respect and strength. I suspect that’s why they took it

Anyway, everyone their own believe I guess.