CryptoBridge is Shutting Down

Hey everybody,

It has come to the attention of the Peercoin team that CryptoBridge is shutting down. You can read their follow notice which you can find on their homepage:

Important Notice

Dear users,

Ever since we entered the market, our vision was to provide a gateway to decentralized crypto trading. Our primary goal was to connect users and traders of crypto assets with new state of the art projects and to consistently provide superior service.

We put in a lot of hard work and did everything in our power to make the outcome different, but market conditions, increasing regulation, inability to fund further development and maintain operations forced us to make a difficult decision:

With great regret, we’re announcing that CryptoBridge is shutting down .

We want to notify our users that we will terminate all services and servers after December 15 23:59 GMT .

All deposits will be closed after December 3 23:59 GMT with withdrawals following after December 15 23:59 GMT .

All users have to withdraw their funds in the meantime. Please note that user verification is required by EU law for all withdrawals. We highly recommend that you start the process as early as possible as verification can take a few days.

We assure you that the team will focus on support during this period to resolve any possible issues as fast as possible. In case of any issues, please use the wallet internal support system since all other social media accounts (e. g. Discord) will be closed.

Thank you supporting us for so long, CryptoBridge team

UPDATE: 2019-12-02 1pm: Our social media channels are closed, all accounts on Twitter that are pretending to be representing CryptoBridge are fake. We are not planning a comeback at the moment.

UPDATE: 2019-12-02 3pm: All existing non-mature BCO staking positions have been paid out, effectively cancelling the contract.

UPDATE: 2019-12-03 2pm: The last BCO staking payout has been performed. Payout was 0.047 BTC

It seems they could not keep up in the face of the regulatory pressure, as well as just the general bear market. They did trade Peercoin, so if you had coins on here, you should withdraw them before the deadline.