Creating Validated Supply of Art with PeerAssets

I design and make different custom pieces (mainly metal and/or wood) including wall art, furniture, and other functional pieces.
Being a big fan of Peercoin and its future use, my goal is to use (and help promote the use of) PeerAssets by issuing a Deck for my company and using it to validate the limited supply of my pieces. I believe this will help create value and trust in my brand.

I’m not a total newbie here and have a background in IT and am good at learning, using, and training users on software… I’m a front end guy.

Anyways, I am looking for direction on how to accomplish this.


  1. Issue a deck for my company. From my research, I believe a combo of MULTI and MONO would work…? I need to be able to issue cards and each card aka piece will be 1 with no need for decimals.
  2. Incorporate a physical label or card ID with each piece so the buyer has a “Certificate of Authenticity”. Seeing is believing.
  3. Make sure transfer of these cards is user-friendly so buyers can resell and gift pieces at will. The technical capability of these future users is obviously unknown so it has to be pretty easy to interact with.

I think it is a cool idea and can be a realistic use case for PeerAssets.
Please comment on my direction and if I am missing the point/idea in any way.
Thanks for your help!


a while ago a 3D modeller has used Perpera to register one of his models with it, to proof it is his
maybe it is useful

If proof-of-authenticity is what you need look no further than

I don’t think your customers would want to handle crypto wallets, and PeerAssets cards. Most people find crypto awfully confusing. Just something you should mind.

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Yes proof-of-authenticity is really the main goal. Thanks for your help. I’ll check out Perpera. Sounds like the answer.

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Check this video also…