Crazy question - but no recovery phrase?

This is probably a crazy question but I’ve been buying/mining/etc since late 2009. I just installed Peercoin version v0.11.8ppc Tardigrade on my windows 10 desktop - and notice that there is no 12, 24, etc word recovery phrase. Just a passphrase. Am I missing seeing that option on a menu or is this wallet protected solely by a phassphrase? (which is fine) i am just curious if there is one that I’m just not finding - thanks.

Desktop wallet simply does not work like that. If you want a wallet that works like that, use the mobile wallet.

Eth Wallet and Peercoin Wallets work differently.

Ok thanks. Long ago I had a desktop wallet that stored btc wallet recovery phrase in plaintext on the drive, so I always like asking to make sure this PPC wallet is safe. Sounds like it’s very safe. Thanks again.