Confirmed mint by stake but not showing up in blockchain

I minted a block at 17/01/2016 18:40, the reward is [2.09] and it has 11 confirmations now. The weird is that I can not find the transaction in blockchain at and

Any explanations are appreciated!

I run PPCoin v0.4.2ppc-beta.

I think that it is not an orphand block because it was not greyed out and it already has 11 confirmations now. The minted block is not in a longest blockchain so it is invalid. The stake will be returned after 520 confirmations.
Is my thought correct?

I can find this minting transaction at now. Everything is fine! It really scared me yesterday. :slight_smile:

[quote=“thehuntergames, post:2, topic:3749”]- try searching with the address iso the tx

Thanks. Everything is fine now.