Concepts for updated Peerunity splash screen(s)

I started to play around with images and layouts that could be used for the “splash screen” that is displayed when the Peerunity loads (probably included in version 0.2). In this first concept, I enlarged the size of the image (600 px * 400 px), and initially ran with the “environmental” focus that our Peercoin marketing has.

If people like the direction, I’ll tighten up the layout and play a bit more with the sizing of the logo and brand mark, and tweak the colors / blur on the image. Before I went to that effort though, I wanted to get other people’s impressions on if they liked the direction or not.

First attempt:

The same image, but with the logo/brandmark centered within the splash screen:

The base image falls under the Creative Commons usage license as granted by the photographer, Dave Morgan.

I haven’t tested this in a build yet to see where the dynamically generated text (“loading block index…”, etc.) lands, but that will likely have some impact on the final design. Also, the theme design competition, and eventual winner, would be something that I’d like to make sure the splash screen thematically matches, so this (or what comes out of my, or other’s investigations) might be a temporary graphic until that theme is completed and ready to include with the code.

Please let me know what you think about it, and if you’ve got ideas of your own, please don’t hesitate to post them in this thread to continue the discussion. If there are a lot of interesting ones, maybe we could figure out a way to add in a “randomize” function that could pick the splash screen from one of a couple of options ay time the application loads.

Very nice work ! :clap:

The first attempt seems more readable to me as there is a darker background behind the Peerunity text.

First attempt is very nice! Go for it 8)

Gotta go with the first one. Glad i’ll be able to see a couple of trees throughout my day soon. [size=8pt]I don’t get out much…[/size]

Also like the first one slightly better. Nice work, Ben.

personally, i think it’s a bit much. i would go with something simple like a spinning 3d version of the logo

Sorry to disagree with everyone, but I much prefer a minimalist version with the logos applied to a dark background like this…

That is literally a difference between day and night ::slight_smile: I still prefer the daylight version.

I’d rather not force a green or environmental type of feeling to Peercoin. I think it would be better as something more neutral, similar to what Sentinel posted but flashier and not as dark.

Those were my immediate thoughts upon first seeing this as well. It felt a little forced. I think the little green leaf in the logos are great, but we don’t want to push it too far. Plus I think all the trees with the logo over top looks a little cluttered looking. I already mentioned I at least prefer a minimalist or simplistic approach. Our logo font is taken from Apple’s marketing, which uses the same minimalism I’m talking about. As for the darkness, there is also the light version here…

I still feel the Peerunity logo looks best over a darker background though.

Maybe it would be a good idea to wait and see who wins the UI redesign contest, and build a splash screen that fits into the theme.

I agree that after looking at it for a while, that it’s visually complex. I’m going to try out a couple of other concepts and I’ll post the ones that I like.

“Environmentalism,” out; “Cyborg death machines,” in.

How are we ever going to be more mainstream with those black and dark themes? Way to geeky. Ever seen a website of any decent company or a bank in black? ::slight_smile:

Just my 0.02 cents

I totally agree. It gives a kind of “elitist” or “underground” feeling.

just my geeky opinion: dark themes are easier on the eyes, and require less power, which makes it more environment friendly (just like peercoin :pearcoin: ) , also: geeks are taking over the world, ps: revenge of the nerds, :pbjt:

It is actually not true, white screens with black letters are easier on the eyes, just like paper :whistle:

At least during daylight or in properly lighted rooms…

It is actually not true, white screens with black letters are easier on the eyes, just like paper :whistle:[/quote]

only with those e ink screens that don’t emit (white) light :whistle: , wasnt there a nerd smiley ?

In fact LCD monitors that most people use nowadays seem to be less energy efficient with black backgrounds than with white ones:

It’s different with old CRTs, e-Ink or OLED screens.

hmm hmmm interesting hmmm :professorsmiley: