Community podcast

Hello there,

there is a lot of calls recently to establish a bi-monthly or monthly podcast organized by our little community. It would be about cryptocurrency in general, without any specific focus. We would certainly touch on economic, political and social aspects of cryptocurrency.

Podcast would be held live in our discord group, recorded then edited and published on usual podcast aggregators. It could be posted on youtube as well as that is mass media.

Please post your ideas for topics below.

My personal recommendation for the first episode would be:

Cryptocurrency: asset or money?

@jacob wanna be guest of honor?


I was thinking about the timing for these podcasts. It would be nice if we could establish certain dates and times when everyone knew they would take place, for example the first Sunday of every month. Or if bi-weekly, the first and 3rd Sunday of every month.

However my concern is if we are not flexible enough, we may run into days where certain team members or guests are not available to join in.


I am free from approximately 11AM to 1AM +7GMT and happy to roll on every other week provided that I can be the incorrigible multi-coiner and critic of governments-- and their nexus with world-scale businesses-- that I am.

Oh, and linux zealotry. Some of that, too.


I think once a month would be plenty.

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@jacob I sent you a message on Telegram about this. Please check when you get a chance.


Okay, time to dig for your message :slight_smile:

Yes, I would like that.

Nice event. Looking forward to listen to those podcasts!

Our first podcast will take place Sunday, March 14 at 3:00 PM UTC. It will be located on Peercoin’s Discord in the public voice channel. Feel free to stop by and chat.