CoinURL now accepts Peercoin

Just noticed that coinURL posted on the subreddit:

Peercoin appears to be the only coin they accept apart from Bitcoin. They say they Peercoin deposits are converted to Bitcoin, but this still seems like good news.

Here is what I posted on Facebook… has announced they’re now accepting deposits in Peercoin. CoinURL is an advertising company. You can earn bitcoins by adding contextual ad banners to your website or by sharing links on blogs or posts for people to click on. A CoinURL employee on our subreddit said that Peercoin withdrawals are coming eventually and potentially even further integration. Check them out…

“Turn any content you create into cash: websites, blogs, tweets, forum posts, torrents, images, etc. We offer competitive rates and pay out the largest part of the funds paid by advertisers!”

River also posted these images of the Peercoin button on their website once you log in… integrating Peercoin seems to be a big deal. At least on Facebook, it got more views than the Peerunity release announcement, although not more likes.

I like it too, as it creates potential demand for the coin :wink:

i wish for a firm like bitpay to use ppc. it would be big :wink: