CoinMarketCap Icon Now Updated. Let's Target Others for Replacement Now

It’s now updated. Looks nice :)[/quote]

Thanks to Gliss from CMC and everyone else for helping out during this transition. We should probably update it everywhere else that has a 16x16 icon as well. I know of the browser tab icon on the forum here and on There are probably other sites as well that use it. If you help in contacting any of them, just give them this link to the new icon…

Also link them to this thread so they know it was a community decision and you’re not acting alone…

What do you think about using a variation of the “leaf” as replacement for Peerunity’s desktop icon?

You mean the larger shortcut icon, or the tiny one in the bottom right corner when Peerunity is open? I think I’m iffy about doing either one. The Peercoin and Peerunity clients have their own separate branding and logos. I think it might be a mistake to use the leaf in these cases.

I was envisioning the shortcut icon, but in retrospect I can see how it would be problematic.

Nothing more to see here, moving on :slight_smile:

This leaf logo does look great on the CMC website. I’m glad I got out voted on that one. :slight_smile:

Congrats guys, and great job!