Coinium - C# based pool software [being developed]

[size=16pt]Coinium - C# based Pool Software[/size]

I have just started working on brand new pool server software which is being developed with C#. I’m lately quite interested with coin protocols & stuff, so in order to further practice, I decided to write my own pool software.

As of now it doesn’t offer much, I’m just done with implementing json-rpc 2.0 client & server code.

[ul][li]I’m planning it as a modular software.[/li]
[li]Will be supporting .Net & Mono frameworks (which means it’ll be running on windows, linux and macos)[/li]
[li]I hope to offer more crypto-coin support for .net world eventually[/li][/ul]

If you like to watch the development progress, point your browsers to

I’ve implemented the bare-bones code for;

[ul][li]wallet communication code -[/li]
[li]json-rpc 2.0 based stratum code -[/li]
[li]socket based networking code -[/li][/ul]

So basically it can now communicate with the wallet-client and the stratum based miners (cgminer, bfgminer).

Very interested in this and how the C# code works performance wise, and see what you come up with :slight_smile: hopefully i may be able to help out here or there as well.

I’ll be keen to spin up a test pool or two as well… are you trying to implement for Primecoin as well as Peercoin?

Keep up the excellent work we need more people like you!! :slight_smile:


I’m planning to support as many coins I can with a modular structure. Right now I’m working on scrypt coins.