CoinCreator - Create your own altcoin


The new shining, easy-to-use and fully AUTOMATED alt coin creator is here!

[ul][li]Free trial with limited coin supply[/li]
[li]Bitcoin 0.8.6 forks with modifiable parameters and logos[/li]
[li]Unique merkle roots and genesis hashes[/li]
[li]Daemon hosting so you don’t have to set up the network of your own[/li][/ul]

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Haters gonna hate 8)

Neat. You should add the feature to select different proof-of-work, and make Primecoin be one of them. I know that isn’t trivial, but I have seen another site similar to this that let you do SHA or scrpyt, I believe.

[quote=“voileipa, post:1, topic:1933”]PS.
Haters gonna hate 8)[/quote]

How about: Sensible people make sense?

If any one is considering doing this, a good blog post to read is this one.

(That blog post is about another automated coin creator tool, but it shines some light on some things people don’t think about in advance).

If you are serious about creating an altcoin, then getting a proper dev team together to actually support the coin is your best bet.

Altcoin automatic generators serve one purpose:

  1. To earn some BTC for the altcoin generator operator (THIS WHY THEY EXIST)

  2. The altcoin generator already knows that 99.999% of the coins created will be dead in a months time.

  3. This just creates spam on with a bunch of useless pump/dump junk coins that just waste hashpower and never go anywhere (and rarely make the coin creator any decent money)

If you love cryptocurrency, avoid participating in this type of coin creation, it just stinks.

I’m with you for 95%, ppcman.

For the other 5%, I think there are some niche markets like testing and playing with blockchain technology, maybe even the odd innovative use of blockchain as it becomes accesible to less technical users.

Same as creating a domain name on the internet, some invest in it and get a valuable domain name, some just play with it and others have one for doing some personal or localised stuff.

But I suspect that this is not their business model.

I don’t think there are any legitimate uses for these automatic coin creators. I think diluting the alt-coin market more and more with these unoriginal and non-innovative coins is positive for the actual innovative alt-coins.

As for adding the prime proof of work, I think is also a positive thing. The larger the community for the prime proof of work means more development that can be used to benefit Primecoins.