[Closed] Volunteering Phase for Role of Fund Keeper of Marketing Fund

In case you missed Cybnate’s post http://www.peercointalk.org/index.php?topic=2980.msg27931#msg27931

The fund needs at least two fund keepers to function properly and provide some continuation. The fund keepers needed to be voted in according to the charter. Both River333 and I are putting our names up for the role of voluntary fund keeper for the next 6 months. ... the charter allows for a third fund keeper. This would help spread the load when things really take off, but I don't think that is an urgent issue at the start. However, if someone is interested than feel free to put your hand up. If not, it is still fine, as we are both good to start with just the two of us for now.

As mentioned above, no volunteers are urgently needed (assuming the community are happy with myself and Cybnate), but if you would like to volunteer you can post in the thread linked above.

The volunteering phase will close at Thursday, June 26th at 12pm UTC. After that, a new thread will be created for voting on the candidates. No further candidates will be accepted at this point. Details on the role of the fund keeper can be found in the draft Marketing Fund Charter in the linked thread.

This is now closed. The next step is to vote on the candidates, I’ll start a new thread in the Marketing Fund child board for that.