[Closed]1.5 PPC bounty for a decent guide on how to setup PPC client on Mac


Quite a few newcomers on reddit are having issues getting the peercoin client to run on their apple computers, so I’m offering a 1.5 peercoin bounty on a decent step by step walkthrough/guide on how to install and run the Peercoin client on an Apple computer.



I’m looking for a guide along the lines of this http://www.howtogeek.com/56612/ , i.e. something with a lot of pictures showing all the steps, which can easily be followed by people who don’t really know all that much about computers.


I’m happy to put one together. Are there any particular pain points that you’ve seen people complain about?

There mostly are questions regarding where to find one, although there are a few users reporting other issues you can see the general gist of it here http://www.reddit.com/r/peercoin/search?q=mac&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=all

As for the general gist of what I’m hoping for,

Something like this would be perfect.


Thanks, I’ll get started on it this afternoon, after I’ve finished standing up the Peercoin wiki framework (and, I guess, after I’ve done the work that I’m paid to do :slight_smile: )

It took a few days longer than I’d hoped, but I’ve published my “getting started with Peercoin on OS X” tutorial on Devtome. Please see this topic for more information.

Hi Ben, thanks for the guide. The problem I face is that the client keeps showing “0 active connections to the peercoin network”. How do I fix that?