Charts on



Hi community,

has some fancy charts now.


  • Log / Linear scale

  • Range selector

  • Click / Drag to zoom on x-axis

  • Data grouping


  • Coin supply

  • PoS diff average

  • PoW diff average

  • PoW/PoS block ratio

  • Block timing average

  • PoS minted daily

  • PoW mined daily

  • number of real transfer transactions (non minting or mining transactions)

  • number of ppc transacted in transactions above

  • active addresses minting / mining

  • annual inflation rate


  • tba

Please post feature and chart requests here.
Data is updated daily.

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Log scale on y-axis and customizable time ranges plz. Looks good on mobile.


I have no experience with log charts, does this look alright to you?

(startpoint has to be 1 in high charts, otherwise it crashes)


PoW difficulty is definitely the one where it matters (otherwise everything early on just looks like a flat line), and yes finding a good y-range is always a little bit of a challenge for log charts. Specifically, the lower bound usually needs to be floating for log charts to be useful. The upper y-axis bound rescales pretty well as I zoom in, but the lower bound is fixed.

For Peercoin, it’s not as big a deal honestly. You can see how it’s pretty necessary to really see what’s going on with Bitcoin historically in the following chart. They have the same issue here of the lower bound on their range on log charts, so maybe there’s just not much that can be done about it.

Anyway, I appreciate your fast turn around time. Always impressive.


Ported the chart library from Highcharts to Highstocks

Still some things to do, but we now have a range selector :slight_smile:


I think you broke something. Not working for me in Firefox, getting blank screens.


Working again, sorry for the inconvenience.


I’ve added that .
Does it make sense?
Do name and description make sense?

Looking for feedback.

  • PoS minted daily
  • PoW mined daily



seeing that you have no more future plans, here is the list of charts that would be helpful to have:

  • number of real transfer transactions (non minting or mining transactions)
  • active addresses participating in the transactions above
  • number of ppc transacted in transactions above
  • active addresses minting
  • active addresses mining

also, it would be very convenient to remember selected time period of the graph.

is it possible to have charts aggregated by weeks / months as well?


Excellent feedback.

This is implemented now for the range buttons.
Did you mean the date picker too?

Can you elaborate?


i meant remember range chooser on the bottom of the screen if that’s possible.

right now points on the graph are days, what i meant is ability to have points as weeks, so if you choose to see last year for example, you’ll have 52 data points rather than 365.


Now implemented.

Thanks @backpacker69 for the request.
I’m looking into your other suggestions.





now implemented. Please test.


wonderful graphs, very good, thank you!


Navigation changes now appear in the browser URL and are now linkable. Enjoy.