– Instant Nubits-to-Bitcoin Exchange! 11 Altcoins in total supported!

[size=14pt]EXCHANGE YOUR NUBITS AND PEERCOINS TO BITCOIN INSTANTLY WITH CCPAYT.COM![/size] is an incredibly interesting platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and novice users alike. CCPAYT stands for Crypto Coins Payment Terminal, but rather than being a physical device you would use to pay for shopping, this is an online service.

CCPAYT is not only an easy way to transfer NBT-to-BTC OR PPC-to-BTC, you might actually make some money on this! A special bonus is embedded in every conversion, making each payment a nice buy!

— Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK ApS at

[size=14pt] - An Excellent Tool For Both Consumers and Merchants alike!!![/size]

[ol][li]The service offered by opens up a slew of new possibilities for both consumers and merchants.

The Crypto Coins Payment Terminal is intended for exchanges, retailers, mobile operators and the everyday enthusiast alike.

Not to mention, top up services could greatly benefit from a platform that is not just secure, but also instant.

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Is there anyone in The Nubits community who could make special article and publish as Nubits release similar like mentioned at

or work out a super article Nubits related with CCPAYT included and Ronny Boesing at CCEDK will release it for you via his subscription on einpress similar to below mentioned:

[size=14pt]One point great with this new product:

Look at the BTC amount you get upon conversion of your favorite currency on CCPAYT! -

It’s a better deal than what exchanges are normally able to offer on their buy and sell order book!

On top of all, you are able to register at an excellent bitcoin casino where you are able to sign up for probably best available referral program ever!!!

An amazing 80% of revenue is available to affilate members, just have a look at their affiliates page:

All the best from Denmark - Enjoy

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing


CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS

DK-9492 Blokhus

Phone office: +45 36 98 11 50



I’ve posted a short version and the link on the NuBits forum here:

But feel free to post any new announcements yourself in the future. The NuBits forums are open to everyone and I just created a Merchants section so services can be advertised under an appropriate header.