Buy cryptocoins with credit card

Today i found the which says that you can buy bitcoin, litecoin, peercoin and namecoin with credit card.

Also it says it will launched in January. Does anyone know about that?

Because it hears very good!

Ooooh, that would be pretty great. But I wonder how their prices will be? If they’re too expensive… might not be so great.

The problem with credit cards, is that you could get the cryptocurrency, claim you never got them, and then do a charge back.

My Speculation:

So far, it looks like the site might be simply collecting IP addresses and email addresses from people, to use for hacking purposes. If not, then we’ll find out in the long run.

Be careful.

I agree with ppcman, you should always be skeptical of new crypto exchanges. A good recent example is Litekoin.

ppcman is right, right now we need to be careful on that. Jan. is too long so far. use different email account to test small.