BUG: Minting suspended due to locked wallet

PPCoin version: v0.4.0ppc-beta

This is my startup script:

cd ~/Programs

notify-send “Starting Peercoin.”
(./ppcoin-qt -min &> /dev/null &)
sleep 240
#notify-send “Starting Primecoin.”
#(./primecoin-qt -min &> /dev/null &)
sleep 300
#notify-send “Starting Namecoin.”
#(./namecoinq/namecoin-qt -min &> /dev/null &) &>/dev/null
notify-send “Starting PPCoin Stake Minting.”
(./ppcoind walletpassphrase ********************* 9999999 true &)[/code]

But after it completes my Peercoin-QT still shows a text “Info: Minting suspended due to locked wallet.

However, if I open the debug console and type walletpassphrase ********************* 9999999 true it tells me that the wallet is already unlocked (Error: Wallet is already unlocked, use walletlock first if need to change unlock settings. (code -17)). It has been working nicely ever since I downloaded that version of Peercoin-QT but now all of sudden it started showing this message. I recently got more peercoins so maybe it has something to do with it?

I am a bit paranoid about the community wallet because I assume cold minting is not possible yet and I cannot take the risk of holding a large stash in a wallet that has not matured yet.

Now I suddenly discovered that the message is gone and everything works properly. Apparently the unlock wallet for minting only feature took time to kick in.

Yes. This is a known issue with the current release. It’s only a delay updating the GUI; minting is active as soon as you send the unlock command. (Peerunity doesn’t have this problem!)